General Dentistry

General dentistry Mississauga, ON This is a branch of medicine which primarily studies the oral cavities and mouth. General dentistry attempts to diagnose, treat and prevent various oral cavity diseases as well as maintain the appearance and function of the teeth. In fact it is considered crucial for accomplishing overall oral health. Therefore it is recommended that you visit your dentist for general dentistry work at least once in every 6-12 months. But you can visit your emergency dentist Mississauga in case of you need any kind of general dentistry service done on either you or your family member in timely manner. Some of the services offered by our practitioners include the following.

Teeth Repair

The structure of the tooth can be damaged by trauma, wear or tooth decay. This can be very painful if left unattended for a very long time, so make sure you visit your emergency dentist Mississauga as soon as the pain starts or you chip your
tooth and the practitioner will repair your tooth using either of the following procedures.

i) Dental fillings

This procedure is used to repair any kind of damage to the tooth structure after it has been damaged by either tooth decay or trauma. Once the problematic tooth structure has been removed, the dentist will restore your
tooth using of the following materials: amalgam, gold, porcelain and composite resin. But since each filling material has its very own pros and cons, our dentist Mississauga will help you determine which filling material is perfect for your tooth.

ii) Bonding

This refers to the process of using the composite resin to glue various materials to the tooth’s surface for restorative purposes. In fact cracked or chipped teeth are repaired using this procedure. Normally an enamel-like composite-material is applied onto the tooth’s surface and sculpted into shape before being contoured and polished, thus making the chip or crack invisible.

Routine Teeth Cleaning & Checkups

Other than flossing and brushing, professional teeth cleaning can help keep your teeth clean and improve your oral health. This procedure involves the removal of the mineralized plaques which develop in your mouth. In fact
teeth cleaning includes both tooth scaling and polishing to take care of all the regions where tartar has already built-up.

i) Tooth scaling

Also referred to as deep cleaning, this technique can eliminate all the etiological agents that cause dental plaque. The plaque is a buildup of various waste products from bacteria living inside your mouth and the food debris. If left unattended to, it will irritate your gums and cause gingivitis. Remember the longer it stays there the harder it becomes and the only way you can get rid of this hard buildup is though tooth scaling

ii) Tooth polishing

This involves the dentist scrubbing the exposed parts of the teeth to create a smoother surface where the plaque cannot accumulate.

Root Canal

The root canal is actually the space within the root of your tooth. Root canal therapy is used to treat an infected pulp tissue within the root canal. To deal with this issue the dentist first removes the infected pulp-tissue and fill the hollowed part with anti-bacterial fillings before capping it with a crown for extra protection. Root canal can be done by both the general dentist Mississauga and the Endodontist.

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